3 Things You can do, RIGHT NOW, to Make Your Life Easier

🧜🏾‍♀️Good Morning Sis,

Allow me to support you with some enlightenment this morning, will you?

Okay… Here it is…

It is TOTALLY okay for you to desire for things in your life to be EASIER. Not everything had to be grueling and hard to be valuable.

When your life is EASIER, you are WAY less stressed, you think more clearly, you feel better in your own body, and you experience more flow, energetically.

Here are 3 PRACTICAL things you can do, TODAY, to make your life easier:

1. Have your groceries delivered.

Or at least some of them, anyway. This will save you time, energy, and (if you are prone to frustration with long lines) it will decrease frustration. There are several options for this.

You can subscribe to a grocery delivery service that allows you to place your grocery order online for home delivery. You can locate fruit and vegetable co-op that allows you to place orders for fresh fruits and veges from local farmers for home delivery. You can hire a Personal Assistant to do your grocery shopping for you and have the items delivered to your home.

Whatever option you choose, just know that not only will this make your life EASIER, but the time you are saving will allow to do some other activities that add value to your life experience… like meditating.💁🏾‍♀️

2. Put your phone on Do-Not-Disturb and leave it there.

In the era when our information is sold, multiple times, without our consent, having a cell phone can sometimes feel like a liability because of all the sales and marketing calls. Sure, you can place your information on the National Do-Not-Call registry, but let’s be honest here… We all know that doesn’t always work.

Even if you aren’t getting sales calls, you may be getting calls that you just aren’t ready to answer at the time. When your phone is on DND, it won’t ring unless someone on your Favorites list calls. The caller can leave a voicemail and you can choose to return the call and have that conversation when YOU are ready. This also gives you more power and control over your schedule and it helps prevent you from being distracted and derailed when you are really focusing on something else.

3. ”Marie Kondo” your Social Media Timelines.

I have recently made it a habit to IMMEDIATELY unfollow anybody on Social Media whose content does not either bring me joy or add value to my life experience,


Regardless of what you try to tell yourself, if you use any form of Social Media, then Social Media is a part of your Life Experience. There are enough things that arise in your everyday life, without you adding the stress of someone who can’t seem to stop posting about how she simply can’t stand how other women with purple eyes eat their kale-and-bacon-flavored potato chips.

You should become SO INVESTED in creating a life of peace, pleasure, and ease that you leave absolutely NO ROOM for ANYTHING that even has the potential of causing you any unnecessary stress.

Well, there you have it.

I’ve just given you 3 PRACTICAL things you can do RIGHT NOW (from your phone, even) that will make your life easier.

Here’s a BONUS tip:

Sometimes adding, subtracting, or changing things all at once can be a bit overwhelming. And when you are overwhelmed,

You don’t move.

So, if the idea of implementing all 3 of these tips feels like a bit much for you, try this:

Implement just ONE of these tips at a time. The time is relative to you. You can implement one a day, one a week, or even one a month. Whatever you FEEL will work best for you, just take it slowly.






I hope this was helpful.

I Love You, Sis😘



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