The Mermaid’s Wisdom is a collection of Feminine Services, blogs, musings, and courses specifically designed to support your Feminine Wellness.  Instead of focusing on “whatever is wrong with you that needs to be fixed,” SISter A’Tondra Vinchealle teaches you loving, juicy, and fabulous ways to support your Divine Feminine essence so that you can experience true wellness in your body, your life, your relationships, your career, and even your business.

Here on our site, you can find lessons and information on various topics of Feminine Wellness such as:

The Lady’s Nourishment (a more loving and delicious way of nourishing yourself with nutrition)

Yoni Eggs and Yoni Steams

Self Care

How to Have Healthy Friendships with Women

Feminine Energy Management

Sex and Orgasms

MoonTime Keeping (Menstrual Cycle support)

…and much more

SISter A’Tondra also facilitates a private Facebook group, as well as a host of Feminine Wellness Consultations, workshops, and virtual classes for you when you need a little more hands-on support.

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