And so, I made Ramen for Dinner, Instead…


Originally, my plan for dinner was to prepare something elaborate for my family. I love to love on my family with delicious, delectable meals and it’s also really important to me that they don’t get used to eating lower quality food. So, I make it a point to create a beautiful experience with food, whenever I can,

But today, I’m feeling tired and exhausted.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had a long, mentally challenging day, before picking up my children.

Maybe it’s because my MoonTime is near.

Or maybe it’s because for the past few days, I’ve stayed up later and later… and later. (#IHaveSevenSeasonsOfGOTtoCatchUpOn #DontAtMe🤣🤣🤣)

Whatever the reason is, today, around 3PM, right before I needed to leave to pick up my children, I hit a wall. I’m tired and sleepy and I still have a few more things to do.

So, I found myself sitting in my car, battling with myself.

“You’re tired.”

“But I shouldn’t be.”

“But you are.”

“Well, I still have to cook. I can’t NOT cook.”

“Yeah. But do you have to cook THAT?”

“Well, no, but if I make THIS, well… that’s a LAZY meal.”

“Huh? Lazy meal? Says who? They’ll eat won’t they?”

Ugh! I don’t want to deal with this. Open Facebook. Let’s see what everyone else is doing.

I’m sleepy…. I’m falling asleep.

UGH! Why??? Why am I so tired? And why NOOW? UGH!!!

Then I remembered,

My Spiritual Mama Namaste Moore (Sri Namaste Moore ) once told us

“Queens make decisions.” #SOFTMuseling

The reason I’ve been sitting in this car, falling in and out of sleep, while trying to deflect my guilt by scrolling through Facebook is because

I refused to make a decision.

Because the decision my BODY DESIRES me to make is not the decision my EGO wants me to make.

“Oh, Beautiful, Sweet, A’Tondra,

Remember Darling,

The mind makes a wonderful servant, but a TERRIBLE Master

And your Ego is only there to show you where you still have “wonk” in your frequency.

So, my Love,

You must choose Ye, this day, and this hour in particular, who You will serve.”

And with that being said,

I am on my way to the store to grab some Ramen and some frozen seafood to make that quick Korean Seafood Ramen recipe I learned from Seonkyoung Longest and call it a day.

The End.

Dot Com.


And so it is.

What decision do YOU need to make today?

🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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