Meet A’Tondra Vinchealle

Your Houston area Reiki Therapist

Hey There!

I am A’Tondra Vinchealle, a Wife, a Mother, a Naturopathic Reiki Master, and the Founder of The Mermaid’s Wisdom.

My services include:

Reiki Therapy
Nutrition Consultations
Nutrition Coaching
Yoni Steaming
Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Consultations
PMS Support Coaching
Menstrual Health Consultations
Menstrual Health Support Coaching
Feminine Wellness Consultations
Lifestyle Coaching
Fire Coaching Sessions

Education and Credentials

I received my Bachelor of Science in Biological and Physical Sciences from The University of Houston-Downtown, where I purposefully concentrated my studies on Biochemistry and Human Metabolism. I began my journey 8 years ago as a Personal Trainer (ACSM) and a Nutritionist (Precision Nutrition). Since then, I have studied Tarot and Oracle reading from Reverend Michaela Rena, Tai Chi from Master Fundi Fe, and have received Level 1, 2, and Mastery Naturopathic Reiki attunement from Master Reiki Therapist, Dr. Akua Gray with A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute. Additionally, I am lifetime student in the School of Alchemy and The Sanctum of Feminine Transformation with Baba Richard and Sri Namaste Moore.

Currently, I am studying to become a Well Woman Wisdom Practitioner, Traditional Postpartum Doula, and a Yoga Instructor.

As a Feminine Lifestyle Wellness Practitioner and Coach, my passion is in teaching women how to sync their lives, business, and relationships around their Feminine Cycles so that they have more energy, higher productivity, and so they can always perform and serve at their highest level. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your journey towards Optimal Health and Wellness. I am honored to be able to serve you, in this way.

To work with me, please see my offerings.