Calendula: Yoni-Herb-of-the-Week

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This week’s Yoni-Herb-of-the-Week is Calendula. Here I’ve outlined for you some of the juicy details about Calendula and how this herbal ally supports our Yoni’s Divine Feminine Wellness. To watch my FREE mini-class on Calendula, join my Private Facebook Group, The Mermaid’s Lair.

What is Calendula?

Sis, Calendula is a gorgeous and hardy yellow-gold flower, known by it’s scientific name as calendula offiicinalis. You can plant calendula seeds in the fall and harvest them in the spring time. These beautiful yellow-golden flowers can be added to soups and can even be eaten raw, alone, or as part of a vibrant salad.

How Calendula Supports our Yoni Divine Feminine Wellness

Physically: When used in a Yoni Steam, Calendula can support your Yoni as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-bacterial, and as a vulnerary by encouraging repair of damaged cells, as well as the growth of new, healthier cells, thus supporting in healing any wounds or micro-tears on your Yoni.

Energetically: Yoni Steaming with Calendula may allow you to experience a soft and gentle opening to communing with your Divine Feminine by reminding you to be soft and to be gentle with your Self. Working with Calendula may bring to the surface some opportunity to re-engage with some areas in your life experience where you thought you were healed, but may still have some residue that needs to be released. Communing with Calendula supports activating your Solar Plexus Chakra, which helps to promote stronger will-power and resolve, autonomy, and higher self-esteem. Want some tips on how to REALLY enhance your Yoni Steaming experience? Join my free group, The Mermaid’s Lair, to watch my Calendula mini-class.

Additional Support Calendula May Offer You

In a tea to help with indigestion or diarrhea

In creams, salves, balms, and ointments for moisturizing and for help with soothing and healing minor burns, rashes, and other skin irritations.

I hope this was helpful.

I Love You, Sis.

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