It’s not the Eclipse. And it’s not the Retrograde. It’s You.

My Dear Sacred SISters,

Be careful of how you interpret all of the fear-mongering material being blasted all over social media regarding about Solar Eclipse and Planet Retrograde events.

No one is trying to hurt you.

No one is out to get you.

No one is waiting for you to slip up so that they can cast “bad ju-ju” on you. I mean, even if someone was attempting to do that, if you remain in your own Womb Space (which is where your power lies), then no one else can occupy that space. So what do you really have to be afraid of?

When our Grandmother Moon transitions, she speaks to us in the language that we each can individually understand. She does not “cause” you to do or to be anything. She holds the mirror to you and invites you to see what lies within you.

Your experience in this live is largely informed upon by your perception of what you are looking at through your human eyes.

This perception is a collection of thoughts. These thoughts will lead to feelings.

And if you are not careful,

You may mistake feelings of insecurity and paranoia that are brought on by your thoughts which alter your perception as


Understand that your intuition is only as developed as YOU are.

That goes for you AND the people you follow or listen to.

If you have concerns about Grandmother Moon’s transitions and all of the retrogrades, here are some very simple things you can do to take control of your mind, your perception, and your feelings.

1. Stay hydrated. Grandmother Moon controls ALL the waters, including the waters that live within you. Also, staying hydrated can help you with mood swings, irritability, some depression, and anxiety. Drink a MINIMUM of half of your body weight in water on a daily basis.

2. Be intentional about what you watch, read, and listen to. Our feelings and perceptions are brought on by our thoughts. Our thoughts are informed upon by what we choose to ingest. Do not watch, read, or listen to anything or anybody whose content causes you to stress or fear. Being informed is not the same as mentally and emotionally terrorizing yourself.

3. Get plenty of rest. Based on the current Human circadian cycle our hormones and energy levels are optimized when we sleep between the hours of 10pm to 6am. As often as possible, sleep during that time frame. If 8 hours of sleep is not a reality for you, then focus on getting the best QUALITY of sleep you can. Sleep in a cold, pitch-black dark room, and discontinue all electronic stimulation at least 2 hours prior to going to sleep. If you use your cell phone as an alarm clock, STOP. Buy yourself a proper alarm clock so that your phone is not the first thing you look at when you wake up.

4. Become very aware of your tendency to be critical and/or judgmental of others and of yourself. Think before you speak, even if you are only speaking to yourself. Ask yourself, “Does what I am about to say bring me or the person I am judging closer to his or her purpose?” Then ask yourself “Am I willing and open to be curious about what this experience may have for me?” If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, then you don’t really have a right to judge anyway. If the answer is “Yes”, then you should be too busy exploring the mystery of what is available for you to have time to criticize or judge.

5. Be intentional with your words. If it is not absolutely necessary for you to say it, then don’t. Sri Namaste Moore says “Only tell the stories you wish to live.” If you would not want the story to come true for you, then don’t tell it. EVEN and ESPECIALLY if it is a story you have already lived. If you want the energy associated with your life to change, then you have to stop telling the stories that carry the energy that is bringing you less than desirable outcomes.

6. As far as rituals, if you have not been trained or have not been studying and practicing elaborate rituals up to this point, if you do not have a TRUSTED guide to hold your hand for each step of the way, then don’t start trying to do them now. That would be like getting up on stage to do a live concert and you have never had a singing lesson, a performance lesson, or a rehearsal. This could bring on more stress because now you have to hunt down materials and tools and some of them may not even be readily accessible to you. If you currently have a prayer or meditation practice, just continue with that. If you want to add some slight changes using materials that are readily available to you, like maybe a new candle, or a different prayer rug, or a different mantra, then feel free to do so, but it SHOULD NOT be complicated or stressful in any way.

7. Limit or even eliminate your social media browsing and interaction. This is something that you should do from time to time anyway. Being constantly bombarded with all of the “negative” and “scary” things happening in the world can definitely have some less than desirable effects on your mood, your perception of the world around you, and even your sleep. Remember #2, to be intentional about what you ingest. Sometimes just a glimpse of something can be buried deeply enough in your subconscious to cause you to have nightmares.

8. Have some orgasms and have them often. Whether they be with your partner or by yourself as part of a masturbatory practice, orgasms have been shown to release stress and calm your nerves. Also, because during an orgasm, you typically have no resistance, orgasmic energy is great for helping you integrate with the energy of the intentions you set during this time.

9. Declutter, clean, and organize your space. Attempting to operate in a cluttered space can lead to anxiety and creative blockages. Decluttering your spaces can not only ease some of your own tension, but it also creates space for desirable energy to flow through you and through your atmosphere. Have you ever wondered why after you declutter and clean, you feel so refreshed and released? Well, now you know why.

And there you have it.

In other words, continue doing the things that have already been available for you to do and this time do them with more focused intention.

This is not hard.

This is not complicated.

This is not scary.

This is a beautiful and amazing time for you to set some meaningful intentions, do some soul searching, and to do some deeper self reflection.

Take pleasure in this time by taking pleasure in your own life.

🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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