Just for Today, I will only Focus on the Moment


This morning, Self-Care looks like Collard greens-pineapple-orange delight flowing out of a glass jar, through a stainless steel straw, across my palette, and into my precious….luscious body.

It looks being present enough in my body to FEEL that I was highly adrenalized because I allowed myself to get frustrated with our children being late during our morning routine,

And then making a DECISION to sit and enjoy some Haaaaaaaaaa breaths (#SOFTMuseling) before calling one of my Student Loan holders this morning so I could enter into a structured payment plan.”

It looks like CELEBRATING the fact that my $4000 income tax check was routed to them because I said in January “I don’t want to be one of those people who depends on an income tax check to survive the first quarter of the year.” Which means that this situation is actually a precursor to our Financial “Upleveling.”

It looks like realizing I was feeling overloaded during the call and asking the representative to give me a call back, around noon, so I could gather my documents

And gather my Self,

Because I realize that it doesn’t all have to be done….right now.

It looks like sending an email to say “No” to an opportunity that no longer aligns with my values, even though I could make a little money from it.

It looks like going back to sleep when I am done with this post because, for the first time in a while, I have no client responsibilities today.

It looks like giving myself permission and grace to enjoy my nap, without having to justify why I’m “not working.”

It looks like CHOOSING to NOT set an alarm and to just wake up whenever I do.

It looks like not being concerned with what tasks must be completed when I do wake up and in fact,

It looks like not even planning out the rest of my day because today,

I will focus only on the present moment.

And for me, today,

That is good


🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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