Loving My Shadow…


Today, Self Care looks like sleeping and sleeping and sleeping some more, because I can.

It looks like waking up at around 11am and making a decision to NOT do anything that was “professionally productive.”

It looks like saying my prayers, indulging in and engaging with the Feminine Manifesto (#SOFTMuseling), and verbalizing my Soul Realignment (Shout out to Jahdiree Sol for her guidance).

It looks like transforming our bedroom and our bathroom into a spa with white candles, and blue, green, and purple candles too, because… Mermaids🤷🏾‍♀️

It looks like a Honey Clay mask with Spring Water and a few drops of a Rose Tincture added to it.

It looks like taking my time to feel my skin as I rub the mask on my face, my neck, and my decolletage…


It looks like sitting up in my bed in my soft, fluffy bathrobe, with my eyes closed while the Devi Prayer plays lightly in the background, my hands placed softly on my Womb Space, and listening to Spirit tell me

“Be present, My Love. Stay…right…here…” 

It looks like being present enough in my body to FEEL the anxiety that arose, because in staying present, I chose not to think about what was around me, what was in front of me, or what was ahead of me…

In other words, I chose NOT to prepare for war.

It looks like realizing that I was not in any immediate danger and that what I was FEELING was literally a chemical, physiological response… a residual response, to having lived so many years of my life in an adrenalized state.

It looks like understanding that what I was FEELING was nothing more than my body’s physiological response to being addicted to the adrenaline…addicted to the worrying….addicted to the anxiety…

Addicted to The Warrior.

It looks like recognizing the aforementioned and not demonizing The Warrior, but thanking her for being there for me when I most needed her, and then letting her know that I love her and that she can officially be released from her post because, now, I am no longer in danger. I no longer have anything to fear. No one is coming after me to hurt me. I am safe now. 

It looks like allowing myself to enjoy a Reiki Self Treatment, not because there was anything “wrong that needed to be fixed”,

But because I desired the additional support for the way I was transitioning during this time.

It looks like taking a Ritual Shower and choosing to ceremoniously wash my hair, instead of shave it all off again.

It looks like rubbing a beautiful, Queenly, aromatic serum on my face and then using my Rose Quartz face roller to support the infusion of those precious oils from the serum, deeply into my skin.

It looks like choosing to adorn my eyes and my eyebrows with a little tint today, because I decide what I express and to whom I express it. And also, just because it’s pretty.

Today, Self Care looks like loving on my Self, loving on my Shadow, and creating space for my remembering, my returning, and my rejuvenation.

And today, for me, this is…


🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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