Muscle does NOT Weigh more than Fat and that’s OKAY…

Since we are in 2020 and you may have some new “body goals,” I just want to remind you that…

Muscle does NOT weigh more than fat.

1 pound of muscle is equivalent to 1 pound of fat, just like 1 pound of nickels is equivalent to one pound of Flamingo feathers.

Muscle is DENSER than fat, which means that you can pack more of it into a smaller space than fat, however, muscle is not HEAVIER than fat.

So, when your number on the scale is increasing, it is not because you are gaining more muscle. It is because you are gaining more WEIGHT and that weight is in a combination of Muscle and Fat and Water.

Now, follow me here, Sis…

The reason why the fallacy that “muscle weighs more than fat” has become so widespread and has become so attractive is because of this one problem:

As a collective, we have created shame around gaining fat. ESPECIALLY for women.

And before you go there, allow me to correct you…

That shame was brought about and perpetuated, by women, FIRST. (Look it up Sis. I will not debate you on this💁🏾‍♀️)

Here’s the thing, though,

Muscle and Fat are BOTH Macronutrients.

They are BOTH vital for physiological function.

Muscles do work. Fat stores and releases the energy for that work to be done.

Muscles do work. Fat releases the hormones that REGULATE that work.

Muscles do work. Fat keeps the muscles warm, thereby creating working conditions that make the muscles less susceptible to injury.

In other words,

You need BOTH,

Just not in the same amount all the time.

What determines how much of each you need is your CURRENT FUNCTION. For example,

If your current function is to be an Olympic Medal winning Gymnast, then your function requires for you to have a significantly low amount of body fat and a significantly high amount of muscle.

If your current function is that of a 6’1” defensive guard for a WNBA team, then your current function requires you to have long lean muscle, but you will require a bit more body fat than the gymnast.

If your current function is a stay-at-home mom who serves as an Oasis for your King and a full-time mommy to your children, then your current function DOES NOT require you to be less than 12% body fat. You may DESIRE to be, but it is not required.

Lemme just be real, Sis…

Some of Y’all are trying to FORCE your bodies into the frame for a function you DO NOT HAVE.

Some of Y’all are trying to force your bodies into the frame for a function that you USED TO HAVE.

Some of Y’all are trying to force your bodies into the frame for a function YOU WILL NEVER HAVE.

And it is your attempt to continue forcing your body into a frame that does not serve your current function that is causing your body to not want to cooperate with your “body goals.”

Hear me clearly,

Your body, in all of her greatness, in all of her glory, operates mostly, on a physiological level, WITHOUT your conscious engagement.

This means that she is WISER than your Ego💁🏾‍♀️

And unless you learn to work WITH her and to love her at EVERY stage of her development in EVERY function,

You will always be in conflict.

So, the next time the number on the scale increases for you,

Don’t lie to yourself and don’t allow anyone else to lie to you.

Simply ask yourself,

What is my current function? And does the COMPOSITION (combination of muscle, fat, and water) of this number align with that function?

If the answer is “Yes”, then move on.

If “No” then make the necessary changes.

And if you ever have any doubts or insecurities, I want you to come back and look at these photos I’m leaving you here.

This is my body.

I am no longer a bodybuilder.

I am no longer an athlete.

I am an Oasis for my King.

I am a Mother to my children.

I am a Woman who is growing and changing and elevating in status.

I am a Woman whose Being contains Universes.

And this body,

My body,

Supports me in my current, CHOSEN, function.

I Love You💗



*EDIT*- Even if you are losing INCHES and the number on the scale is still the same, muscle still does NOT weigh more than fat.


At a certain point in your journey, you may experience a metabolic phenomenon known as “The Sweet Spot” where you have an EVEN EXCHANGE of muscle for fat. This means that you are exchanging the SAME amount of fat for new muscle, however,

One pound of muscle still DOES NOT weigh more than one pound of fat.

One pound is equal to one pound, and no more.

The amount of time that this stage lasts for people is different, based on their natural body composition and Metabolic Profile, however, in the grand scheme of a weight loss program, the “Sweet Spot” stage is still relatively short.


Note that if you are gaining weight, you are still eating at a Caloric Surplus. It is impossible to gain weight while eating at a caloric deficit.


Sometimes, your body will adapt to the amount of work you are doing. This means that what USED to cost you, for example, 500 calories to do, now only costs you 300 calories to do. Because you may FEEL like you are putting forth the same amount of work, you may THINK that your body is putting forth the same amount of work and so you will continue to eat the same way. When this happens, you will gain weight. The amount and the TYPE of work you have been doing, along with your current metabolic profile, will determine whether that weight is composed MOSTLY of fat or MOSTLY of muscle.

For a bit more clarity and professional proof, please note the following items from my dossier:

✨Over 12 years of experience in Fitness, Health, and Wellness

✨Bachelor’s degree in Biological and Physical Sciences with CONCENTRATED studies in Biochemistry and Human Metabolism

✨ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

✨Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist

✨Former bodybuilder and member of a well-respected bodybuilding team

✨Trained Weight Loss Coach

✨Trained and Certified Metabolic Technician

✨Trained in Metabolic Testing

✨Developed my own formula and strategy Metabolic Meal Planning

✨Ran webinars on Metabolism Based Meal Planning with over 3000 attendees, over a period of 4 years

✨Certified Yoga Teacher

So, when I speak on these things in this sphere of Wellness, I speak from a level of professional, degreed, and certified training, as well as experience with myself and clients.



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