NEWSFLASH: Affirmations without Intentions are Useless

Yes. This is true. Affirmations without intentions are practically useless for manifestation, and, often times, serve for nothing more than a few moments of feel-good verbal masturbation. This is because affirmations are a supportive tool in the manifestation process, NOT the guide or the road map to your manifestation.

Allow me to explain…

Your Brain on Affirmations

To affirm something means that you are confirming, positively stating, and/or expressing a strong belief in something you believe to already be true. The reality is that many of the teachings that are publicly available on manifestation teach the opposite of this truth. Most of what is taught is presented in the “…fake it ’til you make it…” frequency. Which means that people who are following these teachings are building and basing their affirmation practice on statements that they do not yet believe to be true. Now, follow me here because I’m going to discuss this on both the physiological level and the metaphysical level.

One of the primary purposes of using affirmations is to reprogram the thought patterns of the mind, which in turn, reprograms how your body responds to your thought patterns. On a physiological level, this means that when you reprogram the thought patterns of the mind, you are also altering the chemicals (hormones) that are released based on signals from your brain, which will alter how your body responds, physically to your thought patterns. This process works in a feedback loop, so when the brain responds chemically, the body responds physically, then the brain responds to the body’s response, and the feedback loop goes on and on until there is a new thought that changes the brain’s chemical response. During this process, the prefrontal cortex begins to laser-focus in on the behaviors that caused the release of it’s “favorite chemical”, dopamine. As a result, the brain begins to seek out opportunities to repeat that behavior. Repeated behaviors become habits and those habits can either positively or negatively influence the trajectory of our lives.

Here’s the kicker….

When you create an affirmation based on something that you do not yet believe is true, then you are essentially…telling a lie. What’s even more damaging is that your brain KNOWS that it is a lie. Furthermore, not only does you brain KNOW that what you have just attempted to affirm is a lie, but because, in most cases, there is no immediate reward to suggest the opposite, after your first few moments of orgasmic bliss, your amygdala will begin to register “disappointment” and thus begins a biochemical cascade in your brain that will eventually produce less than desired outcomes for you. These outcomes include feelings of stress, anger, fear, and self-judgement which all produce an over-abundance of adrenaline and cortisol. Think it’s not true? Answer this question for me then….

Have you ever spoken the same affirmations over and over and over and over again, over an extended period of time only to be disappointed because NONE of them came true or if they did, they never came into FULL fruition? What thoughts did you have, as a result of that experience? How did you feel after having those thoughts? Did it feel good?

Probably not.

But wait! There’s more!

In a research study performed by University College London that was published in Nature Neuroscience, there is evidence that suggests that consistent lying results in a decrease in the activity of the amygdala, thereby causing the one who consistently lies to actually become numb to dishonesty.

Now, on a Metaphysical level, if a significant component of our ability to manifest our desires is based on how we FEEL when we request what we desire, then consider this cascade of events:

You speak an affirmation of something that you do not yet believe to be true. So, you LIE.

You experience a few moments of feel-good bliss from checking your “daily affirmations” off of your daily manifestation to-do list.

Your brain registers your affirmation as a lie and so, at some point, VERY EARLY in your manifestation game, you begin to FEEL “bad.”

Yet, you continue to speak those affirmations of those things you do not believe to be true. Which means, you continue to lie.

You go from feeling bad to feeling worse.

Your “Lie-ffirmations” still don’t come true, so you go from feeling worse, to even worse.

Eventually, your amygdala “gives up” and is like “screw it! Feeling nothing is better than feeling bad.” So now, every time you speak your “Lie-ffirmations” you feel…..

Nothing. And you think this numb feeling is progress.

But alas! It is not progress.

And because you never feel good and you never feel in alignment with the lies you have spoken as affirmations,

Your affirmations never come true.

How Intentions Change the Game

When you intend to do something, it means that you have decided upon a plan of ACTION that will lead you to your desired goal that you have not already met. For example, if you set your intention at the beginning of the day to find the beauty in everything you see, then you are declaring the following:

  1. You will remain conscious of the fact that you desire to find beauty in all things.
  2. You will consciously SEEK the beauty in all of the things you look at, that day.
  3. You will remind yourself of your intention, whenever you have lost focus on your intention, as often as is necessary throughout the day to keep you focused on your intention.
  4. You will hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE for remaining focused on your intention and completing your objective.

All 4 of these items are ACTIONS that you DECIDE to CONSCIOUSLY take to support you in meeting your desired goal. As a Co-Creator in your Life Experience, your willingness and ability to take action toward those things you desire is vital to your ability to manifest those things you desire. As an added bonus, the fact that you DECIDED to take these actions, probably means that, on some level, you believe in your ability to take said actions.

And because you BELIEVE in your ability to take said actions, your brain registers this as TRUTH, instead of a lie. When you tell the truth, your prefrontal cortex (the part of your brain that is also responsible for honing the brain in on behaviors that cause the brain to send the signals that produce dopamine) becomes more active. What this means, in plain language, is simply this:

Telling the truth FEELS good (at least, the majority of the time) and that FEELING GOOD is vital to you Metaphysically, because FEELING GOOD amplifies your ability to manifest that which you desire.

Combining Intentions with Affirmations

Once you have determined your intentions and you believe in your ability to take the actions necessary to complete the objectives of those intentions, NOW you can build affirmations that are based on those intentions and if you build them properly,

Your brain will register those affirmations as Truth. The key here, is that you must write your affirmations based on TOTAL truth, and not what you HOPE to be true for you eventually.

Let me give you an example:

Intention: Today, I intend to find something beautiful in every person I meet.

Affirmation: I find something beautiful in every person I meet.


Yes. Your affirmation is a lie. Why? Because if you really found something beautiful in every person you meet, you wouldn’t need to set an intention to do so. You are setting this intention because you desire to develop the habit of finding something beautiful in every person you meet. Now, let’s try this again, shall we?

Intention: Today, I intend to find something beautiful in every person I meet.

Affirmation: I am willing and have the ability to find something beautiful in every person I meet.

TRUTH! Can you feel the energetic difference here?

Now let’s try this again, with something a bit more tangible, like money.

Intention: I intend to consistently earn $5,000 a month from my online business.

Affirmation: I consistently earn $5,000 a month from my online business.

LIE! Because if you were already earning $5,000 a month from your online business, you would not need to set the intention to do so.

Let’s try this again.

Intention: I intend to consistently earn $5,000 a month from my online business.

Affirmation: I welcome a consistent earnings of $5,000 a month, from my online business, into my Life Experience.

TRUTH! Because, I mean, you DO desire those $5,000, don’t you?

Can you feel the energetic difference here? Now of course, there are other things to consider, such as specifics regarding your timeline and whether or not you want those $5,000 earned to be earned in the form of gross income or net profits. All of that can be discussed at a later time and in another blog post. This should help you get started, however.

The Caveat

The caveat here, is that you must be willing to be an ACTIVE participant in your own process. This means that you must be willing to TAKE THOSE ACTIONS over and over again until one of these two things happen: Either you manifest what you desire OR you manifest INSIGHT on a different or more refined set of actions to take and then you begin taking THOSE actions. So in the above case where your intention would be to earn $5,000 a month then you will need to be creating products, marketing, and other things to bring those $5,000 to you. Remember, your intentions are ACTIONS that you DECIDE to take that will lead you to achieving your goal.

Energizing Your Intentions

To energize something simply means to give life, energy, vitality, or enthusiasm to it. While it is possible to immediately manifest what you desire, you may not yet be an energetic match for what you desire (we’ll talk about that in a different blog post) and so you’ll want to ensure that your intentions and your COMMITMENT to those intentions are constantly refueled with life, energy, vitality and enthusiasm. This will come in handy on those days when you feel like you want to give up on your desires because they haven’t manifested quickly enough. Here are a list of modalities you can use to energize your intentions and your commitment to those intentions:

  1. Write your intentions in a notebook, a journal, or something that you can easily look at throughout the day. Refer to them often during the day to keep you focused.
  2. Read your intentions every single day. Again, this will support your brain in maintaining focus on the actions necessary to bring your desires to fruition.
  3. Be open to REVISIONS. Sometimes, our intentions need to be revised or changed all together. If you are too focused on the intention, then you will miss the opportunities that await you, when you are being guided to make a shift. Focus, primarily, on the OUTCOME you desire and don’t be so attached to the actions.
  4. Spend 5 – 10 minutes, daily, offering Reiki to your intentions. Depending on your degree of attunement, there are several ways you can use Reiki to energize your intentions. For example, if you are attuned to 1st Degree Reiki, there is a specific Intention Concentration and Charging method that you can use energize your intention and as well as a daily Reiki Self-Treatment you can offer to yourself to help incrementally raise your frequency to meet the frequency of what you desire to manifest. You can learn this in my Reiki Level 1 Certification and Attunement Class.

Affirmations are a very powerful tool that can support you in creating the life you desire. The key is to understand and remember that they are a TOOL… and as with any other physical tools, you must use them properly, in order for them to be effective.

May your Affirmations always match your Intentions and may your Intentions be energized with the loving power of the Divine Source that seeks to support you.

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