No Sis. Darkness is NOT the “New Light”…


This idea that being a “Dark Worker” is, in some kind of way, an elevated rebellion on Light Work, is huge distortion.

No Sis. You are not more elevated or more conscious or more spiritual or more powerful because you choose to call yourself a Dark Worker.

No Sis. Darkness is not “The New Light.” In fact, Dark Work is nothing new. It is simply the return to those things that were once SACREDLY PRIVATE. So much so, that most of the work would only be shared orally, so as to protect it from the very distortions that are being created now.

Read that again.

Light is just that.


Darkness is just that.


And in order to fully integrate into your Human Experience, you must be comfortable with both your own Light and your own Darkness.

“Exchanging” and disowning Light for Darkness is not an elevated state of being, Sis.

It is an Ego-ic state of distorted living.

Understand Sis,

It is not your Light that must die for you to be truly free…

And it is not your Darkness that must die for you to be truly free, either.

It is your EGO that must die for you to be truly free…

And your Ego can be found, both in your Darkness, AND in your Light.

Go deeper…

And then go deeper, still.

🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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