No, Sis! Just because it Hurts Your Feelings, that doesn’t Make it Violent…

🧜🏾‍♀️Heeeeeeey Sis

I saw this meme (see above) posted in, what is supposed to be, a Feminine Spiritual group I am in and it made me say…


There is something that doesn’t feel… pristine… about this expansive definition of domestic violence.

The challenge with the English language is that it is not as developed as other classical languages and therefore allows for many generalizations, which lead to distortions.

Memes like these could cause women to believe that they have been violently handled, when in reality, they have not.

For example:

Infidelity can feel hurtful, yes. However it can feel hurtful because it is indeed a violation of trust and vows, yet, it is not violent.

Now, you may REACT violently to being cheated on, however, the act of cheating, itself, is not violent.

When we allow ourselves to expand definitions without proper context and without proper Transmission from Divine Source, we open the doors for MORE battles between men and women and we wind up eroding (or attempting to erode) the natural Polarity of The Masculine and Feminine, which will, in turn, erode the natural UNION of The Masculine and The Feminine.

As Women and as Feminine Embodied Beings, we must begin to call things as they ARE and not attempt to expand them in a way that fits our own Egoic desires.

I Love You.😘



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