No Time to Meditate? Here’s the ONE Thing You can do, RIGHT NOW…

So, you’ve finally decided that you are ready to “Up-Level”, so you’re gonna do ALL the things. You’re gonna wake up extra early, every morning and do that 12-step Manifestation Meditation practice that you found on that Spiritual-Woo-LoA blog. Then follow it up with that 35-minute 3rd-Eye-Chakra-Opening yoga sequence that you found on YouTube. Then after that, you’re gonna do you deeply spiritual journal entry using those “Up-Level-Your-Life-With-Practical-LoA” Worksheets you downloaded when you signed up for that freebie on your favorite LoA blog. You’ve got it all mapped out….

But there’s a problem….

You’ve made the decision in your mind that you really want to do all the things,

But the lifestyle you are currently living was designed around your old mindset. So, now, you have to contend with the fact that, no matter how much you desire to do all of these things, right now, with your current schedule, it’s just not practical.

So, what do you do next?

Well first, let me tell you what you DON’T do next:

You don’t attempt to force your new desires into your old lifestyle.

So, for example (and this was a REAL-LIFE example of what happened in my life), you have to drive to meet your first client at 5AM. Now, this new meditation and movement and manifestation lifestyle you desire requires for you to have at least 2 hours to complete all of those practices I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post.

Well, what that means for you, is that you would need to wake up somewhere between 2:00am and 2:30am to be able to complete those elaborate meditative practices. Now, if you try to force this upon yourself, it may work,

Or, what may happen, which is what tends to happen most of the time, is that after missing that much sleep over a period of time, you become irritable, and anxious, and tired, and exhausted

And before you know it, the entire routine has become too overwhelming and you CRASH. Then when you crash, you end up doing….


And guess what?

Nothing from nothing, leaves…. nothing.

What I mean is this:

If you make meditation so complicated that it’s no longer practical for your current lifestyle, you will give up and it may be a very long time before you come back to doing it.

“Okay, A’Tondra. So, what do I do?”

Here is on PRACTICAL and ACTIONABLE practice that you can implement, RIGHT NOW, to support you when really just don’t have a whole lot of time to meditate.

Speak words of gratefulness and thankfulness over EVERY activity you are doing.

Finishing up the laundry?

“I am so grateful and thankful that I have the resources to do my laundry right now”

Driving to work or to a client?

“I am so grateful and thankful that I have this vehicle to get me to and from where I need to be.”

Whatever you are doing, think of the many things that had to come together for you to be able to do this, then FOCUS your energy and YOUR WORDS on those things.

Now, you can can LITERALLY turn your life into a LIVING PRAYER.

Implement this TODAY


And you WILL see your life change.

I hope this helps, Sis.



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