Our Children Must Learn the Importance of Titles…


For the first 9 years of my life, I was raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

We were taught to refer to our female elders as “Auntie” or “Madam.” We were taught to refer to our male elders as “Uncle” or “Mr.”

At school, the adults are referred to as “Brother” or “Sister” so and so.

Whenever I speak of my Alimah, I refer to her as “Alimah___”

I refer to my Tai Chi teacher as “Master.”

When I refer to my Beloved, I call him “King.”

When I refer my Spiritual Mother, I introduce her to you as “Sri”

Our Daughter, of HER OWN choosing, refers to her brothers as “Mr Brothers.” Even her younger brother.

We refer to our daughter as “The Princess.”

In my Private Group, I am referred to as “Big Sister A’Tondra.”

How you call a thing speaks to the frequency for which you have access to a thing.

Just because you are familiar, it does not mean that you have access. For example, you can be familiar with the new Bentley. You can know everything about it. All the specks, all the upgrades, all the bespoke options,

But unless you have the resources to OWN a Bentley, you do not have access to that which Bentley owners have access AND you have NO RIGHT to request or demand access to that which Bentley owners have access.

Your curiosity and desire for access does not make you entitled to the access.

Access is earned, level by level, through the consistent cultivation of relationship and lineage over an extended period of time.

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