Practical Chakra Healing Series – Coming Soon!

Have you ever heard the saying that some people are “…so Heavenly bound that they are no Earthly good?” Often times when spiritual tools such as Reiki and Chakra Healing are discussed, they are discussed from a viewpoint that is so ethereal, so metaphysical, that it is virtually impossible to figure out exactly HOW you can implement these tools into your own life. So what happens is, you read the article or the blog post and you are impressed or maybe even inspired by what you read, but with no practical way to apply those tools and principles to your own personal life, you leave the post with a lot of inspiration and no action.

My goal for the Practical Chakra Healing Series is to give you ways that you can ACTUALLY use this tool, simply by being more intentional and more present with the things you are already doing in your every day life. So here’s how it works:

For each of the 7 Major Chakras (if you aren’t familiar with Chakras and you haven’t read my blog post on Chakra Basics, you may want to do that first, before beginning this series), there will be a blog post that explains what the Chakra is and PRACTICAL ways to support healing and balancing the Chakra using:

  1. Music,
  2. Color,
  3. Your Senses,
  4. Chanting, and
  5. Nature

In addition to the blog post, there will also be a 7-part video series for each Chakra on my YouTube channel. In the videos, I will go into a little more detail about each of the items listed in the blog. For you to get the most out of this series, it will be important that you follow the blog series in the proper order, instead of skipping around to each Chakra, based on what you THINK you need at the time.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments on the blog post or in the comments of the respective YouTube video.

Click the photo to choose the Chakra you would like to begin with.

What’s Next?

First, make sure you sign up to receive updates each time I release a new blog post or video in the Practical Chakra Healing Series. This way, you don’t have try to remember to keep coming back here. You’ll get an update each time I add a new blog or video to this series.

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