Practical Ways to Support Your Root Chakra

This is the first blog in a 7-week Practical Chakra Healing series of blogs and videos dedicated to providing your with PRACTICAL ways that you can support your Chakras, simply by showing you how to be just a little more intentional about the things you are probably already doing on a daily basis. If are unfamiliar with what Chakras are or how they influence your Life Experience, I suggest that you read my What are Chakras? blog post, before beginning on this series. I also suggest that you read and follow these blog posts in the proper order, so you can develop a more solid foundation and so you can get the most from this series.

Root Chakra Basics

Your Root Chakra is located at your perineum (the small area between your genitals and your anus) and is also represented at the base of your spine. The Root Chakra governs your skeletal system, your muscular system, your adrenal glands. Your Root Chakra also influences your excretory and digestive systems. The area of your life that is governed by your Root Chakra is the area of your basic survival needs, including your need for food, shelter, water, clothing, safety, stability, security, and your foundational relationship with money. If you feel insecure or unstable in any of these areas in your life, it will block the flow of energy through your Root Chakra. As a result, most of your actions and decisions will come from survival mode and in the frequency of fear and lack. However, when your Root Chakra balanced and supported, you will feel constant flow of energy and will be highly secure in who you are and in the fact that you are divinely supported and provided for in all ways.

Chant Sound

The chant word that supports the Root Chakra is the Sanskrit word Lam. To create the proper sound for this chant, take a deep breath in through your nose and fill up your belly first. Then from that deep space, exhale a slow, deep LAAAAAUUUUUUUMMMM. You can and hear a demonstration of this in the video. (I’ll release this video later this week).
Now, when it comes to chanting, while it may be ideal for you to create the space to sit and chant this 108 times as part of a meditative practice, you may not be in a position to dedicate that kind of time. What you can do, is just allow yourself to chant Lam as often as what is available to you, throughout the day. For example, you may chant Lam to yourself as you walk from your bedroom to your kitchen to make your morning tea. You may chant Lam while you drive to work. The goal is here is not to create the absolute perfect meditative practice, based on what you see being taught online. The ultimate goal is for you to be more intentional about how you spend some of the “white-space” or open time you have in your schedule. Chanting Lam whenever you can remember to do so will help to make your more aware of the Chakra work you are doing.


The color that supports the Root Chakra is red. The most accessible way for you to use color therapy to support your Chakras is by being intentional about the color of your clothing and the color of your food. For example, with the Root Chakra, you could choose to wear a red shirt, red undergarments, red lipstick, red shoes, or red accessories. For your food, you can choose to have apples, a dish with a red sauce, or even something as simple has having ketchup with your French fries. What you are going for here is the intention. So, when you grab these items, you can simply say to yourself “I am choosing this red item to support the clearing and balancing of your Root Chakra.” Then, every time you are reminded of the color red or the red items you choose for the day, you can say “I am so thankful and grateful that my Root Chakra is being supported today.”


Music with deeper tones, heavy bass, and dynamic drumbeats really support the Root Chakra. This combination is normally found in indigenous music that uses drums as the main instrument and rap music. The music key that corresponds to the Root Chakra is the key of “C”, so music with deeper tones, dynamic drumbeats, heavy base, that are composed in the melody of “C” is perfect for working with your Root Chakra. While it is ideal for you to use music that does that have any lyrics, so that you aren’t distracted, I understand that sometimes, we all just need to be entertained and that entertainment feels good. So, I’ll give you a few examples that you can use for your entertainment:

Hip-Hop and R&B

7/11 – by Beyonce
Black and Yellow – by Wiz Khalifa


Girls Like You – by Maroon 5
Rockabye – by Clean Bandit, featuring Sean Paul Burn – by Ellie Goulding


Whatever it Takes – by Imagine Dragons Smooth Criminal – by Michael Jackson
For more music options, you can search online using the verbiage music in the key of C and you can choose from the options that come from the search. What I suggest is creating 2 separate playlists; one for your entertainment and a second playlist that is made of music without words for those times when you really want to focus, without being distracted by your favorite lyrics.


Your Root Chakra is influenced and supported through your sense of smell. To practically use your sense of smell to support your Root Chakra, you can do something as simple as INTENTIONALLY enjoying the cologne or perfume you are wearing that day or INTENTIONALLY enjoying the smell of the food you are eating that day. Find as many opportunities to INTENTIONALLY enjoy the smells that you experience. After each enjoyable encounter, you can say something like “I am so thankful and grateful that this amazing aroma is supporting my Root Chakra today.” If you encounter a smell that is less than desirable, you can still express gratitude by saying something like “I am so thankful and grateful for my ability to sense and avoid what I do not desire smell so that I can move on to what I do desire to smell. This ability is supporting my Root Chakra, today.”


Your Root Chakra is connected to the Earth Element. Here are some of the most accessible ways you can use the Earth Element to support your Root Chakra:

  • Hug a tree
  • If you’re not comfortable hugging a tree, then walk by and touch one
  • Stand barefoot on the ground. If it’s available to you, stand barefoot in some grass or on some dirt. If that’s not available to you, then standing barefoot on some concrete will do just fine.
  • Sit underneath a tree while you read a book or even while you check your phone.
  • Pick up a rock from the ground and hold it for a few minutes.

Whatever opportunities that present themselves to you for you to interact with The Earth take them. Remember, it’s not necessarily about the activity. It’s about your intention. So, if you choose to touch a tree, for example, allow yourself to experience what it feels like to be grounded and connected to the earth. If you are standing barefoot on some concrete outside your office, imagine that there are actual roots growing from your feet into the ground and connecting you with the Earth. If you don’t have a lot of time, don’t fret over it. Just do the absolute best you can with what you have. Allow yourself to be conscious of the fact that through connecting with The Earth, you are also supporting your Root Chakra.

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