Privacy Policy and GDPR

Here is a breakdown of the information you provided to join our mailing list, joining any of our communities, joining our programs, or any other offerings why we requested it, what it is used for, and how you can receive access to it:

The Mermaid’s Wisdom is Wellness Coaching company owned and operated by A’Tondra Vinchealle Gilstrap. We provide Reiki Sessions, MoonTime Support (Feminine Cycle Support), Women’s Wellness consultations, Yoni Steaming, Herbal support, Journal Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Crystal Healing, personal training, nutrition coaching, health and wellness coaching and lifestyle coaching. As new team members are added to our team, you will be notified of who they are and the roles they serve with regard to the information we have collected from you.

1. Contact Information: We requested your first name, last name, and email address. This allows us to identify you as a real person, as we want to ensure that our community is safe for all of the women who are a part of it. Your email address is the primary method we will use to communicate with you via email. We may send you emails on tips, tools, strategies, workshops, supplements, seminars, programs, and other content that we believe will help you optimize your fitness, health, and wellness. NONE of your information will be sold or shared with any 3rd parties, unless it is requested with a subpoena from a court of law.

2. Payment Information: If you purchased a product or service, we requested the same information listed in #1, as well as your phone number and physical address. This is to ensure that your payment is processed correctly. We do not see your credit or debit card number on our end, however we may retain your contact information and address information for our records and as evidence to protect ourselves, in the event you or someone who has accessed your information makes a fraudulent payment. Our payments are processed through Stripe, PayPal, or the service provider for Podia, CrowdCast, Kajabi, or MyPTHub. These payment processors may retain some of your information for their records. Should you wish to have your records removed from these companies, you will need to contact them directly. NONE of your information that is kept on our end will be sold or shared with any 3rd parties, unless it is requested with a subpoena from a court of law.

3. Storage: Based on how you entered our community, your information may be stored in any or all of the following places: Aweber, The Mermaid’s Wisdom site (Membership area), MyPTHub, Coach Catalyst, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Acuity Scheduling, Google Drive, Wix, or CrowdCast, Podia, Kajabi, or Microsoft OneDrive. Should you wish to obtain a copy of any of the information we have collected from you or should you wish for us to completely delete any or all of the information we have collected from you, please send an email to Please allow 7 – 10 business days for your information to be completely deleted. Also, please note that once we delete all of your information, we will have to remove you from all The Mermaid’s Wisdom Communities and programs. If you have paid for a recurring product or service and you choose to have your records deleted with less than 30 days notice from your next payment, you will immediately be billed for the next month’s payment prior to having your information deleted. At which time, you will be unable to access the content, because, legally, at your request, we must delete all of your information. If you have purchased a product through the The Mermaid’s Wisdom membership site, Podia, Kajabi, CrowdCast, myPTHub, Coach Catalyst, or any of the 3rd Party systems we use to run our programs, you can access and download your information in the respective membership portal. For any other systems, please send an email to and allow 7 – 10 business days for us to gather the information and email it to you.

4. Terms and Conditions: Prior to purchasing any The Mermaid’s Wisdom products, you should ensure that you read and agree with our Terms and Conditions. This policy and additional policies can be found at the bottom of the The Mermaid’s Wisdom Website. The privacy policies for 3rd party platforms can be found on their respective websites and The Mermaid’s Wisdom, nor any of it’s owners, contractors, employees, or partners will hold any responsibility or liability for the policies of any 3rd party portals, programs, or services that are used as a part of collecting your information, storing your information, and/or implementing your program.

5. We do use Google analytics and Facebook pixels to track the effectiveness of our content. Again, your data will never be sold or released to a 3rd party without a legal subpoena.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this GDPR addendum, please email us directly at

Thank you.

In Love, Joy, Peace, Passion, and Pleasure,

A’Tondra Vinchealle

Keeper of The Mermaid’s Wisdom

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