The SISters of The Mermaid’s Lair


The Woman who desires to learn about feminine wellness,

The Woman who desires to experience Total Wellness without being made to feel like there is always something “wrong” with her that she needs to “fix”,

The Woman who desires to connect with and be supported by other women on their feminine wellness journeys,

The Woman who desires to embrace herself and other women, regardless of race, creed, age, religious beliefs, or any other differences,

The Woman who is genuine seeking support and not a marketplace for their products and services,

The Woman who is open to exploring alchemy and the beauty of feminine mystery,

If this is You and you are Her, then we would love for you to join us in The Mermaid’s Lair.

The Mermaid’s Lair is a Supportive Incubator Space (SIS) for feminine teachings and musings for the Woman who wants to explore the joy, beauty, passion, and pleasure that is found in the softness of her femininity. We will discuss all things beautiful, feminine, and mystical, like the magic of orgasms, feminine alchemy, the tarot and the oracle, the magic of MoonTime (menstruation), and so much more.

Click the photo below to join our Beautiful SISterhood

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