Sisterhood: Yes, Sis. You DO Need This…


Let me tell you a story about why community and Sisterhood is VITALLY important to the Feminine Collective.

Both of these photos were taken about 24 hours apart. On the left, I was riddled with anxiety and frustration over my children not ever being ready on time for school. I had screamed. I yelled. I screamed some more. Then finally, I was like “F*CK IT! F*CK THIS! F*CK ME RUNNIN’ WITH A RAW BROOMSTICK! BE LATE! WALK! I’M DONE!”

Yeah, Sis. I was pissed off, beyond all levels of piss-rivity. It was one of those days…

But here’s the thing, Sis…

When the dust settled and I was finally able to breathe, I looked back over MY behavior and I allowed myself to weep.

Yes. MY behavior, Sis. NOT my children’s seemingly lack of regard for time,

But my APPARENT lack of regard for my Feminine.

So what did I do?

Rather than sit up and tell myself a story about how my children are our to get me,






I went to my Sisterhood Community (#SOFTMuseling), and in front of all of my Sisters, I asked my Spiritual Mama for support…AND CORRECTION.🔥🔥🔥

Yes. I received both in the absolutely most loving way possible, WITHOUT judgement.

Let me say that last part again…



Now, here’s the REAL Shakti Key (as Mama Namaste calls it).

As SOON as I received the counsel I requested, I IMMEDIATELY developed a PLAN to put it in action for the next day.

Then, the next day, I DID WHAT I WAS COUNSELED TO DO.

That following day was a day of comfort, ease, and flow for me.



And Flow.

And I owe it all to the Divine Space that was created for me and opened for me and held for me, in Sisterhood.

Today, Self-Care looks like going back through my phone and pulling up these two photos to remind myself of how capable I am of doing the work,

Because, just as quickly as I implemented the lesson, I also forgot the lesson.

Today, Self-Care looks like owning my shit, again, AND at the same time, refraining from beating myself up because I know that if I cam recognize where I have fallen, I can get back up again and STAY up the next time,

But even if I don’t stay up the next time and I fall again…

Or, if I fall in another area of my life,

I know that I am never alone.

Because I have a community of women who will see me, who will hold me, and who will love me, without judgement.

And for me, today,

This is


🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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Heeeey Sis!

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