Social Media and the Wounds in the Feminine Collective


Some of your behavior on Social Media may be deepening the wounds in the Feminine Collective that have been caused by betrayal.

There are women who watch you who never comment, like, or share any of your content.

They just watch.

And as they watch they may seek to learn about Femininity and Sisterhood from you.

They won’t engage, yet,

But they will watch.

And when you put your Sister on blast,

They will see.

And when you publicly discuss your Sister’s business and use it as “…a teaching moment…” for your “community,” without your Sister’s permission,

They will see.

And when you wrongly judge your Sister in all of your self-righteousness because you have become so “Spiritual” and so “Actualized” and so “High-Vibe” and “Higher-Dimension” that you honestly believe that The Divine has given you the right to “Discern” and “Correct” without being invited to do so,

They will see.

And in all of their seeing,

They will learn.

They will learn, once again, that Women are not to be trusted.

They will learn, once again, that it is not okay to ask for comfort and for support.

They will learn, once again, that it is not okay to share what is deeply troubling them, because they have to be concerned about their business being shared on Social Media in one of your “Spirit revealed to me…” posts of “transmission.”

They will learn, once again, that they are better off being alone, no matter what the cost, because communities of Women only really support them as long as they agree with everything you believe in and do things exactly the way you do them,

Or as long as they don’t make you upset.

Listen Sis,

No, you do not have any “control” over what another Woman does

And Yes, every Woman is responsible for her own actions and for making her own decisions.

Yes. These are true


It is also important to remember that, often times, the decisions that we make are informed upon by the EXPERIENCES that we have with the people we spend the most time with and the people we admire.

So, Yes Sis. You are responsible for what you post.

And Yes, Sis. You are responsible for what you share.

And Yes, Sis. You are responsible for what you “transmit.”

Yes, Sis.

You are responsible.

There are Women who watch you, who listen to you, who TRUST you, who look to YOU for guidance.

You don’t even know who they are…

But they know who YOU are.

Having friends, followers, likes, comments, and shares comes with a RESPONSIBILITY because with every post you make, with every post you share, with every engagement you have,

You are depositing something into The Human Collective.

And if you are speaking to and engaging with other women, then you are also depositing into The Feminine Collective.

So before you post that “Transmission,”

Before you share that post,

Before you make that comment,

Ask yourself these questions:

What am I depositing?


Would it bring me Joy to receive that which I have deposited, IN THE ENERGY in which I have made the deposit?

For many people,

Their Social Media family is the closest thing to an in-person family as they have ever had. That is one of the many reasons why people spend so much time on Social Media.

Social Media is not a game Sis.

This is a serious, energetic business.

So remember,

Every investment yields a return.

Even if that return is a loss.

🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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