When Our Children have Their Own Dreams…

My 2nd Son dropped his 2nd album at midnight.

He recorded the entire album, with 28 tracks and over an hour worth of content, using his phone as his sound, mixing, and mastering board and his bedroom closet and our SUV as his studio.

Is there profanity? Yes. Am I holding him to the wall for it? No.

Are all of his sentences grammatically correct and spoken with “proper” diction? No. Am I holding him to the wall for that? No.


Because what I really hear is on such a deeper level than that.

I hear a young man who found a way to channel his own healing through his art.

I hear a young man who is so hungry with desire for greatness.

I hear the heart of a young man whose biological father is a preacher, whose step-father is an IT professional, whose mother has a degree in Biological and Physical Sciences, whose big brother wants to be a nano-technology engineer, and whose big sister is in school for biology have the heart and the BOLDNESS to decide that he had no interest in traditional education and more traditional careers and then have the AUDACITY to declare his place in the world as a music artist and move BEYOND HIS FEAR of being the “odd one out” in the family.

I hear the art of a passionate young man who has recorded, not one, but TWO albums







Let me say it again:

He recorded the album with his cell phone and used our SUV and his bedroom closet as his studio.

I hear a young artist who has no Facebook account and very few followers on Instagram do the absolute best he could do with what he had.

I hear the heart of a young man who has the AUDACITY to do what I have seen men and women in their 30s and 40s be AFRAID to do.

I hear the roar of a young lion who has the AUDACITY to follow the dreams that are in his heart.

So you know what?

I am proud of my baby.

The End.


🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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