Yes, Sis. I NEED My Man…


Do you see this face?

This is the face a Woman has when she has no worries because the Divine Masculine has been showing up for her all day long.

Stop letting these angry, bitter, lonely women who hold their faces like they’ve been sniffin’ cornflakes all day make you think that having a man and SURRENDERING to him is a liability.

My King is handler of all things heavy.

Because of him, I wake up and go to sleep to a plethora of “I Love You’s.”

Because of him, I can choose when I work, with whom I work, and for how long I work,

Or IF I even work at all.

Because of him, I can make it to 99% of our children’s extracurricular events.

Because of him, I don’t have to fight with the Texas public school system and my children don’t have to maneuver through the School-to-Prison pipeline.

Because of him, I was able to finish my bachelor’s degree, not use my degree (at least, not directly) and be okay with that.

Because of him, I can go home RIGHT NOW, if I choose and SLEEP for 3 hours, WITHOUT GUILT.

Because of him, tomorrow, my nail appointment and my lash appointment will be luxurious and phenomenal.

Because of him, when that woman almost side-swiped my vehicle, I was able to calm down because he told me that we have full-coverage insurance, plus rental car reimbursement, with only a $500 deductible.

I didn’t even know or think about that. Why? Because I don’t have to. Why? Because HE does that FOR me.

Because of him, ALL sides of my bed stay warm every night.

Because of him, I can rest.

Because of him, I can be.

Because of him, I can continue to explore all of the mysterious parts of the woman who is me, who I have not yet met.

Because of him…

Become who you need to be so that your King can find you, Sis.

It’s lovely over here on this side.💁🏾‍♀️

🧜🏾‍♀️I Love You, Sis😘



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