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One of the most potent and most precious practices a Woman can have is Yoni tea meditation.  This simple and easy practice has allowed me to experience some of the most beautiful messages from Divine Source and it has also been the catalyst for some of the deepest insights and transmissions I have received regarding my life, my relationships, my divine purpose, and my business.

Aside from that, my simple and easy practice of Yoni Tea Meditation has also been a great stress reliever, anxiety eliminator, and mindfulness activator for me.

Now, who would have thought that you could experience those kinds of benefits, simply from enjoying a cup of tea?

In fact, it is possible for you to enter such a deep state of meditation that it could take you up to AN HOUR just to finish a cup of tea!

Here’s a video of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist, demonstrating a sample tea meditation with Oprah on one of  her SuperSoul Sundays.  Although this is not a Yoni Tea Meditation, it will give you some insight as to the power and the potency of this sacred practice.

Beautiful, right?

Copy of The Mermaid's Wisdom

So what makes my Yoni Tea Meditation practice different?  Why should You take my 5-Day Yoni Tea Meditation Challenge?

Well, my Yoni Tea Meditation is a practice that I developed, specifically, to help me begin to develop a deeper connection with my Womb Space.

Why is this important?

Hmmm…. what a delicious question.

You see, your Yoni, your Womb Space is the center and the foundation of your Feminine Essence.  It is by living in and through your Feminine Essence that you will find the depths of your creativity, your passion, your pleasure, your joy, your ease, and your flow.  Our Feminine Essence within our Womb Space is our direct connection to the Divine Feminine Source that fuels us as Women and it opens and creates space for us to have the power, the energy, and the potency to accomplish amazing things and to live our best lives.

When we are stressed and suffering with anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed, it is by returning deep into our Womb Space that we will find relief and comfort.  How do I know this?

Because I have done it.

My Yoni Tea Meditation practice was once just a pastime for me.  I used it only as a “quick way” to get some “Me” time or to “take a breather” from the day’s activities.  However, when I began to make it a consistent practice, something I engaged with daily,


My world began to change.  I was experiencing way less stress and anxiety (almost none, actually), I began to have more and more physical energy,.

As I continued to delve deeper and deeper, I began to feel my creative center opening with ideas for myself, my relationships, and even my business just pouring out of me.  I began to experience such a deeply powerful and potent connection with The Divine Feminine that continues to help me develop my intuition and receive beautiful transmissions.

My sacred and precious Yoni Tea Meditation has blessed me and helped to activate my own healing in so many ways, by connecting and sinking deeper and deeper into my Womb Space.

And now, as my Yoni Tea Meditation practice has evolved,

I want to share those same beautiful experiences with you.


Yep.  Totally gratis.

Copy of The Mermaid's Wisdom

So, who is this for?  Who would benefit from learning my Yoni Tea Meditation?

For the Woman who desires support in relieving her stress and anxiety

For the Woman who desires to physically and energetically prepare herself before she enters her MoonTime

For the Woman who desires to develop a deeper and more powerful intuition

For the Woman who desires to open and create space for more creativity in her life, her relationships, or even in her career or in her business

For the Woman who wants to connect with her Yoni for deeper connection with The Divine Feminine

Do any or all of these Women sound like you?

Then yes, learning my Yoni Tea Meditation is definitely for you, My Love.

So, what do you receive during this 5-Day Yoni Tea Meditation Challenge?

  • I’m going to teach you, my secret and simple 5-Step Process for connecting deeply with your Yoni to open up your creative space, to help you relieve stress and anxiety, and to help you activate mindfulness, all while you enjoy a cup of your favorite tea
  • Each day, for 5 days, you will receive a short video transmission with a potent teaching that will assist you with creating a deeper connection with your Womb Space, so that you can open your creative center and receive more ideas and insights into your life, your relationships, and your business.
  • Support from me and other Women just like you in our private Sacred Incubator Space (SIS), The Mermaid’s Lair.  In The Mermaid’s Lair, you can ask questions, share your insights, and receive GENUINE support from SISters who will love you, cherish you, and support you, WITHOUT judgement.

AND it’s TOTALLY FREE.  You will receive this beautiful, potent practice that you can use FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, without having to pay 1 penny.  Have you ever looked up the cost of learning SACRED meditation practices?  If you have, then you will understand the value of what you are receiving here.

Sounds yummy, right?

Copy of The Mermaid's Wisdom

So, how can YOU join my 5-Day Yoni Tea Meditation Challenge receive access to my personal and sacred practice?

You can join the 5-Day Yoni Tea Meditation Challenge by signing up here.  It’s that easy.  Just fill out the form, check your email to confirm your sign-up and you will be added to the list so that you can receive all of the information and teachings via email.  Our next challenge begins on Sunday,  September 16, 2018 and I will only be accepting a limited number of Women, so be sure to get signed up right away!

That’s all, for now

And I certainly hope you will join us soon.

In Love, Peace, Passion, Pleasure, and Flow

A’Tondra Vinchealle