Your Womb is not Your Side-Chick

A few weeks ago, I attended the Luminosity Retreat for Women by Sri Namaste Moore. It was a most wonderful and enchanting and sensual and potent experience. During one of our learning sessions, Sri Namaste made a statement that landed on my heart and planted itself in the softest and most beautiful way.

“She (your Womb Space) is not your side-chick!”


I allowed myself to fall deeply into that potent declaration. What you are about to read are the beautiful musings that flowed through me after a deep meditation and communion with my Womb Space, a few days after my return home from the retreat. May this be as delicious and beautiful and as enlightening to you as it has been (and continues to be) for me.

And so, we begin…

“Your Womb Space has so much ancient wisdom. She is the Grandmother of all Grandmothers. She is the Giver of Wise Counsel. She is the Maiden. Then she is the Mother. Then she is the Priestess. Then she becomes the Wise Woman. She is and has been all of these, both individually and all at the same time. For us to truly know ourselves, we must take the time to get to know our Womb Space. Speak to her. Get to know her. Ask her how to handle…


Your relationship with YOU requires a consistent and intimate relationship with HER.

Do you know what she looks like? Do you know what she smells like? Do you know her tastes? Her likes? Her dislikes? Do you know her history. Or how she obtained the knowledge that she has to share with you? Do you know the places she has been to? Do you know all about her travels through Infinite Infinity? Do you realize how far she has traveled just to be here with you, for you, right here and right now?

The more you get to know her, as you get to know her, you will be given the keys to unlock glorious treasures and glorious pleasures. You will be given access to her powers of creation and expansion. Of passion. Of pleasure. Of joy. Of ease. Of flow. Of power. Of grace. Of abundance. Of expansiveness.

Everything that you have ever wanted and desired,

And everything you will ever want and desire is on the other side of the work that you do with Her.

Understand that there must be a forever relationship between you and Her. You musn’t simply pick her up and put her down at your own convenience. She is not a toy. She is not a play thing. She is also not your child and therefore, you musn’t attempt to control or direct her as such. She is not your maid-on-demand. She is not your “Genie-in-a-Yoni” and therefore should not only be rubbed when you desire to receive something from her. In fact, She is your elder. She is the Grandmother of all Grandmothers and her wisdom is even older than The Moon. Sit at Her feet often. Let Her tell you the stories of what she has seen and where she has been, long before you were even a forethought in your parents’ minds.

Allow Her in and ask Her to share her esoteric wisdoms and knowledges with you. Become Her friend, Her confidant, and Her student. Invite Her to become your Mother, your Grandmother, your Teacher, your Sensei, your Ye Ye, your Oracle, Your Medicine Woman.

Sit with Her often and learn of Her wisdom, that you may translate and teach Her sacred lessons to the other women, starting with yourself, then the women and girls in your home, then your extended family, then your communities, and beyond.

The key to your purpose and the great work that you must do or that you are invited to do, lies deep within Her, buried like precious treasure. The beautiful thing is that when you sit with Her, not only will She give you the map, but she will give you guidance and clues along the way, and when you find the treasure chest,

She will be standing there, waiting for you with the key to unlock your power and your potential.

You see,

Your Womb Space, the Grandmother of all Grandmothers has been waiting a long time for you. She has been with you and patiently waiting for you, both at the same time. She has been behind you, on both sides of you, ahead of you, and all around you, all at the same time. All the while, She has been watching,



And calling you to Her.

She is a Gently Lady and She never seeks to impose Her will onto you.

She only offers the invitation. Then She waits beautifully and patiently for you.

Will you accept Her Invitation?

πŸ§œπŸΎβ€β™€οΈI Love You, Sis😘



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